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Banyantree 21 Rehab is located in Mae Taeng, around 50km from Chiang Mai in a very picturesque part of Northern Thailand. It is owned and run by a married couple, the husband being British and the wife Thai. This Chiang Mai rehab facility is in a remote location which does have the advantage of really getting you away from your environment and from any temptations. However, it is also a long way from any medical facilities and out of centre activities.

The reason behind the 21 in the name is because their signature treatment programme is 21 days rather than a more traditional 30-60 days. They have a rather different approach to traditional treatment – the central facets of their programme being a Thai herbal healing potion, mindfulness practice and person centered therapy. The herbal detox consists of three phases: cleansing, purging and balancing.

Banyantree 21 rehab facilities are not equipped for an actual medical detox onsite so if you require a detox, it is recommended that you undertake this prior to arrival.



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