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Cool weather, hilly landscapes, and plenty of local attractions bring scores of visitors to Chiang Mai every year. With a convenient and well-connected international airport, along with several quality rehab facilities to choose from, Chiang Mai is an excellent rehab destination. If you are seeking recovery from addiction and mental health in a scenic and peaceful area, where prices are affordable and service standards are high, rehab in Chiang Mai may just be what you’re looking for.

As Thailand’s second largest city, Chiang Mai is a fully modern and cosmopolitan city with plenty of shopping malls and other conveniences. Yet it also manages to retain a strong sense of its culture and history, despite receiving a steady stream of visitors throughout the year.

The sizable old town at the city centre is surrounded by centuries-old walls and a moat, separating the most distinctive cultural areas from the main streets that surround them. Chiang Mai is filled with shrines, temples, and local markets, as well as plenty of forested areas, mountains, and other natural highlights to explore outside the city limits.

The River Rehab is an inpatient rehabilitation and medical detox facility situated alongside the Ping River, nestled among beautiful rain trees and a lush tropical garden. The facility offers a Thai chic vibe providing a calm and tranquil setting.

Clarity Rehab is located in the serene mountainous region of Mae On and the facility is most well-known for its multiple swimming pools and waterfall features, providing its clients promising opportunities for outdoor relaxation and recovery.

The Edge Rehab is part of The Cabin Group and has its own village within The Cabin’s rehab facility in Chiang Mai. After noticing that some young men struggled to engage in a more traditional addiction...

One of the oldest rehabs in Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai was arguably the market leader for many years in terms of size, treatment outcomes and international reputation. The Cabin worked with a large...

As the first and only LGBT rehab in Thailand, Resort 12 was launched in 2016 as a specific facility for the LGBT community. It was launched with great fanfare with such names as Elton John and Boy George...

The Dawn is a luxury rehab centre located alongside the Ping River around 50 minutes from central Chiang Mai. It is a well-appointed facility with a peaceful atmosphere which combines an old traditional structure with more modern buildings.

Banyantree21 Rehab is located in the foothill of Mae Taeng valley, a beautiful Thai countryside around 50km from Chiang Mai. This alternative drug and alcohol rehab centre focuses on using traditional herbal remedies to treat addiction.

Lanna Rehab is 4 years old and is a 20-bed rehab facility in Chiang Mai. The owners are a nurse from the UK and a previous Microsoft sales executive from Australia who previously worked at Dara Rehab...

One of the newer treatment options in Thailand, One Rehab is owned by a Thai hotelier and a medical practitioner so they are able to provide both clinical and hospitality services. They’ve got a full...

Alpha Sober Living provides post-addiction treatment, outpatient counselling and assessment services, catered for men only. They focus on physical exercises and body-based therapies to augment their counselling programme.

The Calm is a sober living facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are located in a 12-bed facility, all single occupancy, and has separate buildings for men and women. The facility is around 3km...


What rehab services are available in Chiang Mai?

A wide range of rehab services is available, including medical detox, primary inpatient treatment, and secondary treatment (e.g., in sober living houses). Treatment is offered for substance and behavioural addiction, PTSD and other trauma-related conditions, mental health, and dual diagnosis.

What additional activities do rehabs in Chiang Mai offer?

Mindfulness activities and physical therapy, as well as excursions around the nearby points of interest, are often included at primary treatment facilities. Excursions are likely to include boat rides, jungle walks, visits to traditional villages, and temple tours.

Why is Chiang Mai a popular rehab destination?

Rehabs in Chiang Mai have been particularly popular and successful – perhaps as a result of the celebrities who have sought treatment there over the years. Whatever the reason, Chiang Mai is indeed home to more than its share of highly-rated rehab centres. Rehab centres in Chiang Mai have welcomed clients from around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the Middle East.

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