Rehabs in Chonburi

A rapidly developing province on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, Chonburi has long been a popular rehab destination for foreign visitors of the country. Its largest city is Pattaya, which has plenty of hotels and shopping malls, as well as frequent boat trips to nearby islands. Its main airport, U-Tapao International Airport, connects the area to the outside world, although the province itself is also just over one hour away from Bangkok’s main airport by car or bus. Rehabs in Chonburi takes full advantage of its affordable recovery programme, convenient location, natural highlights, and welcoming tradition of hospitality.​

Chonburi is popular with international travellers both young and old, who appreciate its coastal environment as well as the myriad activities available for recreation and sightseeing. As a tropical, low-lying area, Chonburi features warm weather throughout the year, and visitors may notice traditional fishing villages along the coast.​

In terms of entertainment, the province has plenty of traditional villages to explore, gardens and forests to visit, natural highlights, golf courses, floating markets, cultural areas, temples, and shrines. Water parks and amusement parks are popular with many tourists, while scenic islands like Koh Larn and Koh Sichang can be visited on a day trip. Or you could relax on the beach, catching some afternoon sun until the colours of the sunset come out over the water.​

Run by a group of ex-addicts from the UK, Hope Rehab was the first of the more affordable rehab facilities in Thailand. It gained notoriety for treating several high-profile clients and having a British Rocker in treatment in 2015.

Safehouse Rehab is located in Ban Bueng, a small town in Chonburi about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Clients stay in a private, self-contained, one-bedroom apartment and receive treatments in a nearby building.

Hope House is a sober living facility located in the quaint fishing village of Bang Sare on the eastern coast of Thailand. They provide a second-stage recovery community and take on clients who are at least two months clean.

Frequently asked questions

Why seek rehab programmes in Chonburi?

Rehab in Chonburi is cheap compared to other rehab destinations in Thailand – and offers similar services for a fraction of the prices commonly seen in most Western countries. The appeal of Chonburi is partly related to convenience, as the province offers the nearest beach resorts to Bangkok. The short travel time from Bangkok’s main airport to Pattaya, the main city in Chonburi, gives this destination a distinct advantage over most other locations around the country.

What kinds of services does Chonburi rehab offer?

Primary as well as secondary treatment programmes are available at rehabs in Chonburi. Primary treatment helps you address psychological and emotional issues through group and individual counselling, while secondary treatment helps you learn how to settle back into a routine of sober living, and deal with the day-to-day challenges associated with re-entering society.

Does Chonburi rehab offer detox?

Rehabs in Chonburi will not be able to provide onsite services to manage your initial detox process. If you are in need of detox services, rehab centres will be able to connect you with a local hospital, which in turn can help you through the detox process as a first step towards recovery. In such a case, the detox-related fees will be payable directly to the hospital.

What excursions does Chonburi rehab offer?

Chonburi is  full of natural attractions to explore, temples to visit, cultural highlights to discover, and shopping opportunities to experience. Excursions are typically included for inpatients, and may involve visits to nearby beaches or islands, as well as museums, amusement parks, gardens, aquariums, or other tourist attractions. However long you may stay in Chonburi, you will always find something interesting to see and do.

How much does Chonburi rehab cost?

Rehab in Chonburi is quite affordable by international standards, with 4-week inpatient stays costing less than $10,000 for primary treatment, and around $1,000-$3,000 for a similar period of secondary treatment.

How to get to Chonburi

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport is one of Asia’s biggest travel hubs, with direct international flights from dozens of countries. Chonburi can easily be reached overland directly from the airport, either by bus or by taxi, in just over an hour. Chonburi also has its own international airport, called U-Tapao, which currently receives direct flights from the UK, Malaysia, Russia, China, and various locations around Thailand. U-Tapao’s list of destinations is set to expand greatly in the coming years.

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