Our Service and Our Promise

Thailandrehabguide.com is managed by Beyond Recovery Co., Ltd. We provide professional consultation, assessment, and referral services for people who are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other psychological health problems.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked in various rehabilitation and recovery roles at rehab centres both inside and outside of Thailand. We have extensive professional and personal experience with rehab, as many of us are also on our own recovery journeys.

We are independently run. We are not owned by, nor do we operate under the guidance of, any rehab centre. We aim to provide precise information regarding rehab providers and their methods. We take the utmost care to provide accurate information on our website. This information is based on our frequent visits to, and inspections of, various rehab facilities across Thailand.

Using our service is completely free and does not increase the cost of a referred client’s fee or affect the quality of service they will receive should they choose to enrol in a programme at a treatment centre we have recommended. However, in some cases, we do receive referral fees from centres when individuals decide to enrol in their treatment programmes after speaking with us.

Our Goals

We focus entirely on helping people who are struggling with behavioural addiction, drug addiction, or alcoholism. We approach this task by professionally assisting them or engaging with their loved ones – and in most cases, recommending a rehab programme that is tailored to their needs, in order to give them the highest likelihood of a full recovery.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a rehab programme. That’s why we follow up with recovering addicts and their loved ones, after the rehab experience has begun. By giving us feedback on the rehab centre you’ve selected, and letting us know how your recovery is proceeding, we can continue to provide accurate guidance to people who use our services in the future.

Ethical Code

We are dedicated to being completely ethical in assisting those who need medical or psychological help. The information we provide does not show favouritism to any particular facility; we are always factual and objective when it comes to recommending rehab programmes.
We are completely unbiased towards different treatment programmes and methodologies. We publish material neutrally to provide our website’s readers with sound information that helps them make up their own minds when choosing the best option for treatment.

How We Choose a Treatment Centre

  • Clinical and medical suitability
  • Treatment specialisation
  • Budget considerations
  • Individual preference
  • Medical treatment history (if applicable)
  • Overall reputation and credibility


We do not intend to replace any information or advice you may have received prior to consulting us. We only aim to provide you with additional information that will supplement any recommendations you have received from medical professionals and other experts. If you require a medical plan or a diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a physician or an appropriate medical specialist.

Confidentiality Agreement

We completely respect your confidentiality and will never disclose any of your spoken or written records. We will only divulge information to outside parties if you provide us with either written consent or a clear verbal agreement.

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