Value for money plays a key role in Thailand’s appeal as an affordable rehab destination – but there are also non-financial reasons why Thai rehabs stand out even among countries notable for medical tourism. Thailand’s relatively low cost of living allows you to receive quality care at a reasonable price. In fact, since virtually all costs in a country like Thailand will be cheaper than those in your home country, it may be worth staying a while in order to get the most out of your visit.

Spending time in Thailand makes for a fun and interesting accompaniment to the serious business of recovery. Both rehab and travel within the country are easy to arrange, and realistic on a moderate budget; most rehabs also include their own organised excursions. Even after including the cost of airfare, Thailand makes excellent sense as an affordable rehab destination if you are looking to keep your overall rehab costs down.

The River Rehab is an affordable rehabilitation and medical detox facility situated alongside the Ping River, nestled among beautiful rain trees and a lush tropical garden. The facility offers a Thai chic vibe providing a calm and tranquil setting.

The PARC is set in a spacious four-floor villa in Phuket surrounded by beautiful beaches, calming greenery, and stunning views. Their programme is rooted in a non-religious 12-step treatment combined with a holistic philosophy.

DARA Rehab is one of the more affordable rehab facilities in Thailand. They are one of a few centres that don’t follow the 12-step approach. The beautiful jungle island setting provides serenity and remoteness ideal for healing and recovery.

Safehouse Rehab is located in Ban Bueng, a small town in Chonburi about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Clients stay in a private, self-contained, one-bedroom apartment and receive treatments in a nearby building.

Set on a stretch of land and gardens in Chiang Rai, Siam Rehab features the most extensive treatment facility in Thailand. Their facilities provide a quiet, peaceful spot where you can relax and reflect on your journey to recovery.​

One of the newer treatment options in Thailand, One Rehab is owned by a Thai hotelier and a medical practitioner so they are able to provide both clinical and hospitality services. They’ve got a full...

Alpha Sober Living provides post-addiction treatment, outpatient counselling and assessment services, catered for men only. They focus on physical exercises and body-based therapies to augment their counselling programme.

The Calm is a sober living facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are located in a 12-bed facility, all single occupancy, and has separate buildings for men and women. The facility is around 3km...

Frequently asked questions

Why Western addicts come to Thailand for affordable rehab treatment?

One of the biggest drawbacks to attending an inpatient treatment programme is the price. A private rehab centre in Western countries like the UK, USA, or Australia, can cost well over US$30,000 per month. For a great number of people in need of addiction recovery assistance, such costs are simply too much to bear. Yet for those willing to look a little further, alternative options are available. Overseas treatment centres can provide considerably lower costs for similar services, making rehab in Thailand an affordable option worth considering for the financially minded.

What are the features of rehab in the mid-price point?

While luxury rehab centres offer hotel-quality services for added comfort, less expensive options are available in Thailand. Clients opting for a mid-range rehab experience in Thailand will receive many of the same services, but without such an emphasis on personal luxuries, thoughtful presentation, or stylistic flourishes. By selecting an affordable option, you can expect basic but comfortable accommodation, often with the traditional Thai bamboo or wooden structure similar to a cozy 3-star boutique bungalow resort. You will have access to a pool and basic gym equipment as well as basic hotel services including laundry, daily cleaning, and meals.

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