Safehouse Rehab Centre Chonburi, Thailand

Safehouse Rehab Centre Review

Safehouse Rehab is located in Ban Bueng, a small town in Chonburi about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Personalised care and ACT approach are hallmarks of their treatment programme. Clients stay in private, self-contained, one-bedroom apartments, and do their treatments in a nearby building.

The Facility

Safehouse Rehab is located within an apartment complex, which includes several features, such as a water park, fitness room, steam and sauna, badminton courts, and football pitches. Despite extensive facilities, Safehouse Rehab probably differs from what you would expect coming to recovery in Thailand.

Contrarily many other rehab centres, Safehouse Rehab does not feature a beach resort or a country club rehab. Their accommodation is set in a series of condos with access to a daytime addiction treatment in a nearby office where therapy and group work are provided.

The centre features two rooms for group therapy and designated private offices. Besides, they have therapy rooms for massage and meditation, a fully equipped kitchen, a conference room, and a large reception operated 24/7.

The Treatment

Safehouse Rehab is relatively small in size so each client can receive more personalised service, ensuring any fears of extensive group therapy sessions are allayed. At Safehouse Rehab, they accommodate up to ten clients. They include only five clients in a group therapy session at a time, which ensures effective communication and individuation in the process of overcoming addiction.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is their primary treatment approach, and this is combined with some 12-step work and other complementary therapies. An essential part of their programme is the daily treatment schedule that involves individual and group work, meals, study time, interactive lectures, and workshops to promote the clients’ engagement and prevent them from feeling lonely or bored.

Safehouse Rehab’s clients also receive the aftercare programme called SelfCare Coaching for Life which evolves around supplementary counselling, weekly video-calls, and an introduction to community-based support groups.

They don’t provide onsite detox and medical services, but rather a local international hospital delivers these.

The Team

Most of their counsellors and support workers are ex-addicts who went through their turmoil with addictions so they can relate to their clients’ struggle. All of the team members have hands-on experience with addiction, which allows them to empathise with each client and support them on their road to recovery.

The Safehouse team involves a psychiatrist and detox specialist, counsellors, consultants, psychotherapists, nurses, fitness trainers, and a psychiatrist with whom they are partnered through a local hospital.

At Safehouse, they claim to provide their clients with a real-life environment in a welcoming Thai community and a safe recovery experience. What makes Safehouse different from other rehabs in Thailand is that their rehab fee includes a flight to and from Thailand (up to $1000) plus $10 per day pocket money.

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