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Siam Rehab Review

Siam Rehab features the most extensive treatment facility in Thailand, set on a stunning stretch of land and gardens in the most Northernly province of Chiang Rai. Their facilities provide a quiet, peaceful spot away from bustling cities like Bangkok and Phuket, where you can relax and reflect on your journey to recovery.

The Facility

Conveniently located about 40 minutes from Chiang Rai downtown, Siam Rehab is set on a remote 30-acre stretch of land surrounded by lush jungle gardens. Initially known as Serenity Rehab, the centre was located on the island of Samui, and after years of moving through several locations in Thailand, it found its current home in a peaceful and serene setting.

The centre features 28 private rooms and clients stay in basic cottage-style accommodation with an en-suite bathroom and air-condition. Each cottage is styled using rustic decor and timber furniture, creating a warm and cosy ambience.

Also, clients can enjoy excellent sporting facilities at Siam Rehab, including a gym, swimming pool, boxing ring, yoga classes, meditation room, and outdoor court. So, you can engage in various activities in your spare time.

The Treatment

Siam Rehab focuses on an East meets West philosophy, so they provide addiction treatment in the form of individual and group counselling, using cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), community groups, and mindfulness meditation training all of which are tailored to a client’s unique needs.

In addition to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they have programmes for weight loss, mental health, and lifestyle adjustment. They also have a private one-on-one programme for clients who don’t want to be in a group environment.

A great addition to treatment is the only equine therapy programme available in Thailand that Siam Rehab provides with a partner ranch in Chiang Rai.

The Staff

The centre’s medical director is a licensed Thai psychiatrist, and the majority of the treatment team are qualified English speaking counsellors from Europe and Thailand. In addition, all of the team members had their own addiction struggles in the past, so they understand your struggle and can connect with your experience on a deeper level.

The goal of their treatment is to empower clients not only to remain clean of alcohol and drugs but to become physically and mentally stronger and live healthier lives once they leave Siam Rehab.

Clients are advised to complete detox before arrival as the centre doesn’t offer medical detox treatment. Detox is available as an outpatient at a partner clinic or a local private hospital.

Programme elements & services

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