Banyantree21 Rehab Chiang Mai, Thailand

Banyantree21 Rehab Review

Banyantree21 Rehab is located in a peaceful and tranquil foothill of Mae Taeng valley, in beautiful Thai countryside around 50km from Chiang Mai. This alternative drug and alcohol rehab centre focuses on using traditional herbal remedies to treat addiction.

The Facility

Hidden away in a secluded mountain valley, Banyantree21 emphasises the importance of surroundings when it comes to healing and recovery. The centre's accommodation features a Thai-style wooden house intended to provide a basic, comfortable, homely atmosphere. Their clients stay in ensuite bedrooms decorated in Lanna style and equipped with modern amenities such as WiFi and air-conditioning.

Clients can also use a saltwater pool, socialise in a well-equipped library, relax doing some gardening in the vegetable garden, meditate in the temple, and more. Banyantree21 takes care of the environment and sustainable living, so all power at the centre is generated from solar panels while the water comes from an underground spring.

Although, this rehab facility has the advantage of really getting you away from your environment and any temptations, it is also a long way from any medical facilities and out of centre activities. At Banyantree21 Rehab, they don't have facilities for an actual medical detox on-site, so if you require detox, it is recommended that you undertake this before arrival.

The Treatment

The 21 in the centre's name comes from their signature programme which lasts 21 days rather than more traditional 30-60 days. People with less entrenched addiction may find this to be an adequate length of treatment because clients with a more severe/multiple addictions or co-occurring conditions would generally require more prolonged treatment.

They have a somewhat different approach to traditional treatment, focusing more on Eastern-based practices. The central facets of their treatment programme involve a Thai herbal healing potion, mindfulness practice and person-centred therapy. The herbal detox consists of three phases: cleansing, purging and balancing. Banyantree21 programme aims to help clients increase self-awareness and look at their issues from a different perspective.

The Team

Banyantree21 Rehab is owned and run by a married couple, who previously struggled with their own addiction, the husband being British and the wife, Thai. They claim to be suitable for anyone looking to free themselves from their addictions. Whether you suffer from drug, alcohol or behavioural issues, at Banyantree21, you may find a simple yet thoughtful programme based on mindful processes that are gentle, practical and achievable.

At Banyantree21 Rehab, they cater to clients' interests, hobbies, and passions. That is why they organise excursions as an essential part of the recovery programme.

Programme elements & services

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