Hope Rehab Centre Chonburi, Thailand

Hope Rehab Centre Review

Run by a group of ex-addicts from the UK, Hope Rehab was the first of the more affordable rehab facilities in Thailand. It gained notoriety for treating several high-profile clients and having British Rocker, Pete Doherty in treatment in 2015, which became the focus of a massive PR campaign by the centre.
The Facility

Hope is a 35-bed facility spreading across 3 acres of land in the town of Siracha in Chonburi, a rapidly developing province on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. Chonburi has been a popular rehab destination for foreign visitors of the country. Its largest city is Pattaya, which has plenty of hotels and shopping malls, as well as frequent boat trips to nearby islands. 

The centre characterises a relaxing take on rehab; it is a medium-size rehab that nurtures a family-friendly atmosphere and good community spirit.

At Hope, they don’t believe in “luxury” treatment. Their accommodation is fundamental and compares to a backpacker style hostel with basic amenities. The idea behind modest facilities is the centre’s philosophy – they believe that modesty and humility are the pillars of successful addiction recovery.

The Treatment

Mindfulness coaching and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy are essential parts of Hope recovery programme, intended to raise clients’ resilience to manage stress, cope with negative emotions, and prevent addiction cravings.

They use evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with the principles of the 12-step programme. Describing their programme as intensive, Hope Rehab combines these therapies with mindfulness and meditation, physical fitness, recovery coaching, and outside activities to promote mental, spiritual, and physical changes that are pillars of addiction recovery.

At Hope Rehab, they also offer secondary stage treatment programmes to ease the transition between the rehab and returning home. The second stage of their programme involves volunteering and learning to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) to Thai children.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hope has offered an Online Preparation and Counselling Programme for clients who require immediate help and support.

The Team

Hope was founded by a previous head counsellor and yoga instructor from The Cabin Chiang Mai. Their multidisciplinary team counts over 50 staff, including psychologists, therapists, fitness, yoga, and meditation coaches, nurses, and more. They treat alcohol and drug addiction, co-dependency, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders.

At Hope rehab centre, suitable clients can stay and volunteer after they finish their recovery programme. They also offer an internship programme for psychologists and physical therapy interns.

At the cheaper end of treatment, the facilities are cheap and cheerful, but clinically it has a good reputation for providing quality care. In addition to its main treatment programme, Hope also offers Sober Living facilities - Hope House.

Programme elements & services

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