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Lanna Rehab Review

Lanna Rehab is 5 years old and is a 27-bed rehab facility in Chiang Mai. The owners are a nurse from the UK and a previous Microsoft sales executive from Australia who previously worked at Dara Rehab in Koh Chang.

They have some unique philosophies around addiction and treatment that may work for some but not for others. One of their interesting perspectives is that they don’t hire counsellors who are in recovery themselves. In addition, they individualise care by letting each counsellor concentrate on treating clients with their own particular skill set.

Lanna Rehab also allows clients to have 24/7 access to phones and the internet. This does allow clients to be able to keep in touch with work, family, friends and social media whilst they are away in Thailand. They also treat mental health disorders alongside addiction and offer a 5 week rather than a more common 4-week treatment programme.

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