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Miracles Asia Rehab Review

Situated in a spacious, private pool villa in Phuket, Miracles Asia is the smallest rehab centre in Thailand with only six bedrooms. This enables a very tailored level of care that will suit some people, particularly professionals and executives, who require a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

The Facility

Miracles Asia Rehab features nicely set out facilities with large swimming pool and private accommodation. They can accommodate two to five persons in private villas. Rooms at Miracles Asia are spacious and inviting, with lots of natural light, and nicely decorated in calming earth tones. Their clients can enjoy the pool access, onsite fitness rooms, shaded outdoor spaces for yoga practice, and more.

At Miracles Asia, they offer a selection of villas, so you can choose the accommodation that suits your needs the best. Each private villa comes with a team of personal chefs, maids, a driver, a nurse, a sober companion, and qualified medical and therapeutic staff.

Although some people may find it claustrophobic in a villa for 30 days, the centre's partnership with Thanyapura, Thailand's leading sports training facility, allows clients access to world-class sport's facilities during treatment.

The Treatment

Miracles Asia Rehab primarily treats drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex and love addiction. However, they can treat co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety and depression alongside addiction with a clinical team of well trained and qualified professionals.

The centre claims that they don't believe in "one size fits all" treatment approach. So, they offer a selection of evidence-based therapy modalities tailored to clients' personal needs. Clients are provided intensive individual sessions up to 6 times per week, maximising the efficacy of therapy in a short period of time.

This rehab is a much smaller facility than other rehab centres in Thailand so clients can take advantage of more face-to-face contact with counsellors. Your treatment can also be personalised in terms of other care aspects, such as nutritional needs.

They also offer a Women's Only Programme and Family Works Programme as well as aftercare programmes to prevent relapse.

They claim an average programme completion rate of 98 percent.

The Team

Miracles Asia Rehab is owned and run by a previous senior hotel GM in recovery himself. Because of this hotel's management background, the facility is run as a tight ship, and your hospitality needs will be well taken care of.

Their clinical director is a trained and experienced mental health and addiction professional, who worked over 30 years in health care and addiction recovery. The internationally trained team includes a counsellor, a hypnotherapist, an art therapist, a yoga therapist, a nurse, and a sports director. Some of the team members battled addiction themselves, so they can relate to their clients' struggle.

Miracles Asia is at the high end of rehab treatment costing $15,000 per month. Their cost involves all airport transfers in Thailand. Keep in mind that Miracles Asia is not a medical facility. Medical detoxification and prescription medication are available through a local partner hospital, at an additional charge.

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