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Clarity Rehab is located in the serene mountainous region of Mae On and the facility is most well-known for its multiple swimming pools and waterfall features, providing its clients promising opportunities for outdoor relaxation and recovery.

The Facility

Clarity Rehab is one of the newer treatment centres in Chiang Mai, previously known as The Next Step. The facility features a comprehensive and luxurious facility with six pools, heated geothermal hot springs, spa and fitness centre. This rehab centre is rather small in terms of space, but not in size – it features 36 rooms, recreational area with a meditation cave, aromatherapy clinics, and little outdoor gardens.

The rooms are available for single and shared occupancy. At a full capacity, the centre accommodates a large group of clients, so it may be challenging to maintain personalisation when it comes to tailoring a treatment plan and meeting individual needs.

It is set in a remote location around an hour from Chiang Mai so logistics can be a bit of a hassle.

The Treatment

At Clarity Rehab, they have a psychologist-led three-step treatment programme known as “Discovery, Resilience, Resolution.” Each stage of the programme aims at specific aspects of addiction and underlying causes, equipping clients with real-life tools to combat addiction and its triggers.

The Discovery phase involves intensive stress management and neurocognitive classes that examine the depth of the client’s addiction. In the Resiliency stage, clients learn how to build resilience skills and develop new problem-solving strategies by attending workshops and receiving targeted psychotherapy. During the Resolution phase, clients work on addressing the life events that have contributed to their addiction.

Clarity Rehab also offers an executive programme that allows business executives to manage their work commitments whilst staying in an inpatient facility. In addition to their primary care facility, they also offer sober living programmes.

The Team

Clarity Rehab was set up by several members of the clinical team from The Cabin Chiang Mai. Many of the team members have overcome addiction themselves, so they have compassion and understanding for what their clients are going through.

The clinical team are well established and able to offer a wide variety of treatment modalities, including CBT, DBT, TRE and EMDR. They cater to clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring mental health issues alongside their addiction issues. They claim a 4:1 staff to client ratio. But given the number of maximum occupancy, this means they would have 144 staff members, which is more likely to include everyone from wait staff, maids, gardeners, etc.

Pricing leans towards the higher end of the market.

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