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One of the oldest rehabs in Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai was arguably the market leader for many years in terms of size, treatment outcomes and international reputation. The Cabin worked with a large variety of clients including celebrities, senior business executives and professionals. Over the past few years, it has gone through a lot of changes as several of the founding management moved on.

As it is by far the largest rehab centre in Asia, from a facility perspective, they have no match with a private hospital, several swimming pools, a well-equipped gym and numerous restaurants. From a treatment perspective, they offer a wide range of treatment options and modalities, although some clients may find that the size can be overwhelming and hard to find that personal touch.

Within its Chiang Mai rehab facility, The Cabin has four ‘villages’. They have separate men’s and women’s programmes, both of which have a strong slant towards trauma being a defining characteristic of causing addiction. In the other two villages, they have two other programmes, Resort 12 and The Edge.



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