For over a decade, Thailand has been a popular destination for people seeking rehab treatment. Its warm and tropical weather, beautiful scenery, and famous hospitality have consistently impressed visitors to this southeast Asian nation. Its other practical features – such as a simple visa-on-arrival immigration process, a well-established infrastructure for medical tourism, and high-quality, low-cost model for healthcare – make the country a very convenient option.

Thailand’s many rehab centres offer a huge variety in terms of their location, price, accommodation, amenities, type and quality of care, and recreational activities on offer. Whether you need a treatment service that specialises in detox, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, behavioural addiction, mental health, or executive burnout, our list of Thai rehab centres can present you with all of the key information in one place, letting you choose the right rehab facility for your particular needs.

Set on a stretch of land and gardens in Chiang Rai, Siam Rehab features the most extensive rehab centre in Thailand. Their facilities provide a quiet, peaceful spot where you can relax and reflect on your journey to recovery.

New Life Foundation is a mindful recovery retreat in Northern Thailand. They provide a supportive learning space for people with mild addiction and mental health issues, as well as those who want to work on personal development and well-being.

The River Rehab is an inpatient rehabilitation and medical detox facility situated alongside the Ping River, nestled among beautiful rain trees and a lush tropical garden. The facility offers a Thai chic vibe providing a calm and tranquil setting.

One of the newer rehab options in Thailand, One Rehab is owned by a Thai hotelier and a medical practitioner so they are able to provide both clinical and hospitality services. They’ve got a full...

Clarity Rehab is located in the serene mountainous region of Mae On and the facility is most well-known for its multiple swimming pools and waterfall features, providing its clients promising opportunities for outdoor relaxation and recovery.

The Edge Rehab is part of The Cabin Group and has its own village within The Cabin’s rehab facility in Chiang Mai. After noticing that some young men struggled to engage in a more traditional addiction...

One of the oldest rehabs in Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai was arguably the market leader for many years in terms of size, treatment outcomes and international reputation. The Cabin worked with a large...

As the first and only LGBT rehab in Thailand, Resort 12 was launched in 2016 as a specific facility for the LGBT community. It was launched with great fanfare with such names as Elton John and Boy George...

The Dawn is a luxury rehab centre located alongside the Ping River around 50 minutes from central Chiang Mai. It is a well-appointed facility with a peaceful atmosphere which combines an old traditional structure with more modern buildings.

Banyantree21 is located in the foothill of Mae Taeng valley, a beautiful countryside around 50km from Chiang Mai. This alternative alcohol and drug rehab in Thailand focuses on using traditional herbal remedies to treat addiction.

Lanna Rehab is 4 years old and is a 20-bed rehab facility in Chiang Mai. The owners are a nurse from the UK and a previous Microsoft sales executive from Australia who previously worked at Dara Rehab...

Alpha Sober Living provides post-addiction treatment, outpatient counselling and assessment services, catered for men only. They focus on physical exercises and body-based therapies to augment their counselling programme.

The Calm is a sober living facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are located in a 12-bed facility, all single occupancy, and has separate buildings for men and women. The facility is around 3km...

Safehouse Rehab is located in Ban Bueng, a small town in Chonburi about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Clients stay in a private, self-contained, one-bedroom apartment and receive treatments in a nearby building.

Hope House is a sober living facility located in the quaint fishing village of Bang Sare on the eastern coast of Thailand. They provide a second-stage recovery community and take on clients who are at least two months clean.

Run by a group of ex-addicts from the UK, Hope Rehab was the first of the more affordable alcohol and drug rehabs in Thailand. It gained notoriety for treating several high-profile clients and having a British Rocker in treatment in 2015.

A non-12 Step treatment facility owned by two American practitioners who have a background in psychology and addiction. Inspire Rehab is one of the most affordable rehab centres in Thailand.

Bangkok Sober House provides a sober living programme for those looking for a step-down facility from inpatient treatment. They offer eight bedrooms in a lovely renovated shophouse away from the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok.

Part of the world-renowned Bangkok Hospital group, BMRC is dedicated exclusively to mental health and addiction disorders. This is very different from other rehab options in Thailand, as it is based in a private hospital in Bangkok.

The PARC is set in a spacious four-floor villa in Phuket surrounded by beautiful beaches, calming greenery, and stunning views. Their programme is rooted in a non-religious 12-step treatment combined with a holistic philosophy.

DARA Rehab is one of the oldest rehab centres in Thailand. They are one of a few treatment facilities that don’t follow the 12-step approach. The beautiful jungle island setting provides serenity and remoteness ideal for healing and recovery.

what is rehab in thailand like?

Most rehab centres in Thailand are set in resort-style facilities. This type of rehab environment is designed to make you feel like you are on holiday, rather than spending your time at a sterile clinic. As such, many of Thailand’s luxury rehab centres boast private rooms, beautiful décor, flat-screen TVs, and complimentary WiFi. All meals, daily cleaning, and round-trip airport transfers are typically provided, especially at upscale rehabs.

All the while, of course, each of our featured rehabs focuses its main programme on providing addiction treatment for its clients. Yet the recreational activities and amenities on offer help to make the task of recovery more comfortable, by helping each client find wellness and relaxation during their journey to sobriety.

how thai rehabs integrate a holistic approach to addiction treatment?

As a cultural feature of attending a rehab in Thailand, you are likely to have the option of experiencing a holistic, Eastern-influenced programme of care. These differ from conventional therapeutic practices in that they supplement standard addiction treatment methods with additional practices that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Pilates, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, art therapy, acupuncture, massage and other such practices are designed to help you find your internal balance as you proceed with the recovery process.

How much does rehab in Thailand cost?

Thailand’s rehabs cost an average of around US$10,000 per 4-week period of inpatient care. Yet this figure will vary, depending on the type of accommodation and overall experience you’re looking for. The main rehab options range in price from $8,000 to $16,000 for primary residential treatment. Their all-inclusive packages often feature a period of medically-supervised detox and aftercare support in addition to primary care.

which thai rehab is the best?

Although some rehabs have superior facilities to others, there is no simple formula to determine which one may be the best for your particular situation. The key is to find a facility that devotes its resources to the type of treatment you need. It’s also a good idea to note which centres can provide you with detox treatment and medication, if you are likely to need it.

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