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Mental Health Rehab & Recovery CentreBangkok, Thailand

Review summary

Part of the world-renowned Bangkok Hospital group, the Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre (BMRC) is dedicated exclusively to mental health and addiction disorders. This is very different from other treatment options in Thailand, as it is based in a private hospital in Bangkok.
The Facility

The facility consists of an outpatient clinic, an inpatient unit, and a Special Care Unit (SCU). An inpatient unit can accommodate up to seven clients who stay at the facility during a three-week inpatient treatment programme. Special Care Unit caters to clients at high risk and in need of close monitoring.

Clients can take advantage of the centre’s additional facilities, such as an area for group exercise, recreational activities, and therapeutic learning of skills that may be affected by mental disorders.

At BMRC, they strive to create an environment that is closer to a home than a hospital ward. They use warm, earth-tone colours and designs to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

The Treatment

BMRC treats a broad variety of mental disorders, such as mild anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, nicotine addiction, and more serious psychiatric disorders.

They use the Recovery Oriented Services (ROS) treatment approach, rooted in understanding that each person is different and should be supported to control their own life. ROS treatment approach encourages clients to look beyond mere survival and recovery, do meaningful things, and develop conscious relationships that give life meaning.

The Team

BMRC could be a good option for clients who have severe detox requirements that require a more medical setting and those who need a higher level of psychiatric care because of mental health concerns.

Therefore, BMRC is suitable for clients who have complicated medical issues such as heart disease, stroke, or cancer, in addition to mental health and addiction problems.

You can be assured of outstanding care, but it would be very different from what traditional rehab would be and more akin to a psychiatric hospital.

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