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The edge rehab review

The Edge Rehab is part of The Cabin Group and has its own village within The Cabin’s rehab facility in Chiang Mai. After noticing that some young men struggled to engage in a more traditional addiction treatment programme and could sometimes be a disruptive element to the wider community, The Edge Rehab was launched as a programme that has been specifically designed for a particular type of young man. They only treat men between the ages of 18 and 26 years.

The programme is less intensive from a psychological perspective and focuses more on physical activity, community and structure. Clients have a choice between following either a triathlon training programme or a Thai boxing training programme whilst they are in treatment.

Whilst they do good work and the programme certainly works for some young men, there are certainly other young men who would be better suited in a more traditional rehab programme where they would be able to engage in a higher level of psychological care.

Recently, they have seen a larger number of gaming and internet addicts seeking treatment at The Edge. The minimum stay is 60 days.

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