Type of rehab facility and treatment setting

Naturally, cost is also an important consideration when selecting the right rehab centre in Thailand. Our featured facilities include a wide range of price levels, from low-cost and affordable options, all the way up to luxury rehabs. Thailand offers some of the most affordable rehab facilities in the world, and treatment in a luxury setting is more affordable than you may think.

By combining the function of a rehab centre with the atmosphere and setting of a resort, luxury rehab centres in Thailand offer their clients high-quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment, packaged inside a larger wellness experience that emphasises a holiday-like feel.

While luxury rehabs offer hotel-quality services for added comfort, less expensive options are available. Clients opting for a mid-range rehab experience in Thailand will receive many of the same services, but without much emphasis on personal luxuries, thoughtful presentation, or stylistic flourishes.

Facilities at the budget end of the spectrum typically ignore the extra luxuries and privacy as they are all about providing a single-minded focus on client recovery. There are many rehabs in this category which nevertheless provide good treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, but with few extra comforts.


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