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Part of the world-renowned Bangkok Hospital group, the Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (BMRC) is dedicated exclusively to mental health and addiction disorders. This rehab in Bangkok is very different from other rehab options in Thailand as it is based in a hospital in Bangkok.

They treat mild anxiety, depression and addiction, to more serious psychiatric disorders. The facility consists of an outpatient clinic, an inpatient unit that can accommodate up to seven patients, a Special Care Unit (SCU) for those at high risk and in need of close monitoring. The BMRC also has an area for group exercise, recreational activities and therapeutic learning of skills that may be impaired as a result of mental disorders.

You can be assured of very good care but it would be very different from what traditional rehab would be in the West and more akin to a psychiatric hospital. This could be a good option for clients who have serious detox requirements that require a more medical setting and those who need a higher level of care because of mental health concerns.



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