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The Dawn Rehab is located alongside the Ping River around 40 minutes from central Chiang Mai. It is a well appointed facility which combines an old traditional structure with more modern buildings. The Dawn Rehab is unique in terms of offering programmes that treat not only addiction, but also general mental health symptoms and stressed work executives. Since a large part of their programme is focused upon mental health, most clients come here for their mental health issues rather than for addiction treatment. As one of the two fully Thai owned rehabs in Thailand, they have a clinical team with more Asian professionals so they can work well with clients from Asia because of the increased understanding of the cultural and family dynamics in play. Compared to other rehabs in Chiang Mai, they are at the mid to high price point with a month of treatment costing $12,000.



All rehabs claim they are the best. But what does that entail really? The best rehab for you might not be for someone else. We think the best rehab should be the one that can help you overcome your addictive behaviors and maintain sobriety in the long run. The cost of a rehab centre should not be your only consideration.

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