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Inspire Rehab Review

Inspire Rehab is a non-12 Step treatment facility owned by two American practitioners who have a background in psychology and addiction. Inspire Rehab is one of the most affordable rehab centres in Thailand, but that affordable price is reflected in their facilities and location. They are located in a standard house that has been lightly converted for its new purpose.

The Facility

This rehab centre is very different from what you imagine rehab in Thailand will be like. Inspire Rehab is unlike other centres in regards to its setting. Most rehabs are set in large properties with gardens and lawns, typically resembling those of holiday resorts, so you might find this one a bit different. It is a three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Bangkok. As a result, onsite facilities are limited and basic.

However, Inspire Rehab has a cosy and comfortable vibe like staying at home, and it is located only about 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi international airport in Bangkok. It offers basic private rooms with separate living quarters for males and females available in a peaceful area away from the urban hustle and bustle.

The Treatment

Interestingly, and rarely, at Inspire Rehab, they promote the Smart recovery community rather than the 12-Step recovery community. They accept only up to five clients and claim that a small number of clients allows the team to focus on personalisation and tailor each person’s treatment based on individual needs and strengths.

Individualised treatment programme offers the opportunity to resolve the specific challenges that may hinder the recovery and ensure the best results. The schedule is flexible while psychotherapy is based on one-on-one approach. While personalised recovery plan is a good thing, you may find that in such a small facility, it can be hard to create a strong community and group work ethos.

The Team

They have a small clinical team, with the two owners being a part of that team. As one of the team members is a clinical psychologist, they treat both general addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders that can accompany it. They stress that support and counselling at Inspire Rehab come from qualified, licensed doctors and practitioners offering equal treatment to that of expensive rehabs in Thailand.

The two owners also operate an outpatient general counselling service in Bangkok offered by Lighthouse Human Services and Consulting, a mental health clinic established in 2012. While Inspire Rehab is not a medical facility and they are not equipped to handle clients who require intensive medical care, they have partnered with MedConsult Clinic in Bangkok, certified by the Ministry of Health. So, their clients are covered in case they need medical care other than addiction treatment and mental health counselling during their rehab stay in Thailand.

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