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As the first and only LGBT rehab in Thailand, Resort 12 was launched in 2016 as a specific facility for the LGBT community. It was launched with great fanfare with such names as Elton John and Boy George promoting the project. The roots of its launch came about because of feedback from gay clients, particularly those who were involved in the ‘Chemsex’ scene, that sharing some of their using and sexual history in group settings, with straight clients, could be difficult because of the lack of understanding.

Statistically, it has also been shown that there are higher rates of addiction within the LGBT community.

Resort 12 is a 20 bed rehab facility in Chiang Mai which has its own village within The Cabin Chiang Mai‘s facilities. All of the clinical team and the majority of the staff there are themselves identifying as LGBT. This does mean that treatment is very LGBT focused, covering such topics as internalised homophobia alongside addiction and trauma.

The team there are passionate about recovery and the LGBT community.



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