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Safehouse Rehab is located in Ban Bueng, a small town in Chonburi about an hour’s drive from Bangkok. Clients stay in a private, self-contained, one-bedroom apartment and receive treatments in a nearby building. The communal facilities within the apartment complex include several features, such as a water park, fitness room, steam and sauna, badminton courts, and football pitches.

Despite extensive facilities, this rehab in Chonburi would certainly be a different experience from what you would expect at other rehab centres in Thailand where you would be in a more resort-style setting.

They are quite small in size so each client can receive a more personalised service, ensuring any fears of large group therapy sessions are allayed. Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) is their primary treatment approach and this is combined with some 12 Step work and other complimentary therapies.

Safehouse Rehab does not provide their own detox and medical services, but rather these are provided by a local International Hospital. Clients who require detox will have to undergo the process (and pay for it) outside the facility – although they can help you make the necessary arrangements.



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