Detox Clinics in Thailand

Many people giving up drugs or alcohol will need to undergo a special period of detox before their primary treatment. Detox is not only a matter of willpower, and sudden cessation (a.k.a cold turkey) without medical assistance is not recommended. This initial stage requires medical supervision to counteract the effects of withdrawal, which could otherwise be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous.

When heavy or frequent substance users suddenly attempt to quit drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can occur and may trigger life-threatening health complications. If your rehab of choice deems it appropriate, they will assign you a period of medically supervised detox to help you remain as stable and comfortable as possible during the onset of these intense withdrawal symptoms.

Rehabs that offer onsite drug & alcohol detox

The Edge Rehab is part of The Cabin Group and has its own village within The Cabin’s rehab facility in Chiang Mai. After noticing that some young men struggled to engage in a more traditional addiction...

As the first and only LGBT rehab in Thailand, Resort 12 was launched in 2016 as a specific facility for the LGBT community. It was launched with great fanfare with such names as Elton John and Boy George...

One of the oldest rehabs in Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai was arguably the market leader for many years in terms of size, treatment outcomes and international reputation. The Cabin worked with a large...

The River Rehab is an inpatient rehabilitation and medical detox facility situated alongside the Ping River, nestled among beautiful rain trees and a lush tropical garden. The facility offers a Thai chic vibe providing a calm and tranquil setting.

Clarity Rehab is located in the serene mountainous region of Mae On and the facility is most well-known for its multiple swimming pools and waterfall features, providing its clients promising opportunities for outdoor relaxation and recovery.

One of the newer treatment options in Thailand, One Rehab is owned by a Thai hotelier and a medical practitioner so they are able to provide both clinical and hospitality services. They’ve got a full...

The Dawn is a luxury rehab centre located alongside the Ping River around 50 minutes from central Chiang Mai. It is a well-appointed facility with a peaceful atmosphere which combines an old traditional structure with more modern buildings.

Part of the world-renowned Bangkok Hospital group, BMRC is dedicated exclusively to mental health and addiction disorders. This is very different from other treatment options in Thailand, as it is based in a private hospital in Bangkok.

What happens when you attend a detox programme in Thailand?

Whether you detox on- or off-site, you will be monitored closely by doctors during this initial phase, which may last up to a week. Throughout this time, detox staff will treat your symptoms and may provide you with a drug substitute to assist your body and mind through this difficult stage of the process. You will then gradually be eased off the substitute drug, and in most cases be entirely drug-free within 30 days.

Is detox considered an addiction treatment?

It is important to note that this detox stage is not in itself a treatment for addiction, but is nevertheless a vital step which can then be followed by some form of psychological therapy.


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