If you are on a limited budget, a different approach to treatment may be best for you. Low-cost rehabs in Thailand tend to be far more affordable than similar services in countries like the UK, USA, or Australia, while nevertheless maintaining a primary focus on the essential task of addiction recovery.

Facilities at the budget end of the spectrum typically ignore the extra personal luxuries that are a selling point for higher-end treatment centres. Instead, low-cost rehabs in Thailand are all about providing a single-minded focus on client recovery. This no-frills approach has its appeal, particularly for those with financial limitations.

Shared accommodation, small but functional facilities, a casual and communal atmosphere, and a higher client-to-staff ratio are characteristic of low-cost rehab options in Thailand. There are many rehabs in this category which nevertheless provide good treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, but with few extra comforts.

Rehabs that offer low-cost treatment pricing

Hope Rehab was founded by a previous head counsellor and yoga instructor from The Cabin Chiang Mai and was the first of the more affordable rehab facilities in Thailand. It gained notoriety for having...

New Life Foundation was set up in 2010 by a Dutch entrepreneur who had attended the Thamkrabok monastery rehab for his addiction and wanted to set up an affordable rehab programme for personal growth,...

Banyantree 21 Rehab is located in Mae Taeng, around 50km from Chiang Mai in a very picturesque part of Northern Thailand. It is owned and run by a married couple, the husband being British and the...

Lanna Rehab is 4 years old and is a 20-bed rehab facility in Chiang Mai. The owners are a nurse from the UK and a previous Microsoft sales executive from Australia who previously worked at Dara Rehab...

A non-12 Step treatment facility owned by two American practitioners who have a background in psychology and addiction. Inspire Rehab is one of the most affordable rehab centres in Thailand

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